PS Wall Scrubber Version: 0.10.350

Script Summary:

Will accept gift and send gift request for Mafia Wars and FarmVille. It will also process wall notification, and accept respect gifts for MafiaWars.
This script will do the following:


-FB - Accept all Face Book friend requests and suggestions
-FB - Ignore all Group, Page, and Event requests
-MW - Accept all Mafia Wars Gifts, Boosts, Energy, Secret stashes, etc. You are able to select which secret stashes you would like to accept
-MW - Participate in Wars. You can select which wars based on the reward prize offered.
-MW - Help in Crime Sprees. Send all gift request and collect the reward for the first five (5) per day.
-MW - Play Slot Machines.
-MW - Accept Mission requests based on level of difficulty.
-FV - Accept all Farmville request.
-FV - Help on build requests
-Other - Ignore all other game request 

Wall notifications

-Process all wall notification.
-Daily limits are used to where needed. 

Crime Spree Gifts

-It will open your respect gifts. 

How to install:

Install Greasemonkey Addon version 9.13 [ link ]
Install PS Wall Scrubber Script [link]

Chrome Version:

Install Google Chrome Ver. 18+  [ link ]
Install Tampermonkey Extension [ link ]
Install PS Wall Scrubber [ link ]

Visit Script Homepage [link]


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